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In his letter of July 16, 1943, Archbishop Charles Heerey, founder of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters instructed that the Sisters are to: “make themselves as useful as possible. Even farming is not to be beneath them for they will have to be in rural districts training women and children to live the country life on Christian lines.” He had earlier also instructed on October 5, 1937, that: “the Sisters are to be missionaries. They will be good missionaries if they are good Religious.”

In Kenya, for over 35 years, the I.H.M. Sisters have made tremendous efforts to live up to the exhortations of their humble missionary founder. The Region has made large scale farming an integral part of their humble and compassionate witness to a life burnt out at the service of humanity in the footsteps of Christ the Lord.

Sr. Mary Cosmas Ngwu has spearheaded the large scale farming apostolate of the Region. Sr. Cosmas Ngwu joined the Kenyan mission in 1979 and has since served in various capacities: creative sewing of vestments, teacher of Catholic Religious education, Regional Bursar, school typist, school bursar and kitchen staff. She was a pioneer staff of Immaculate Heart Juniorate School in Eldoret. This secondary school, with its more recently established Nursery/Primary sector, has a total population of over 340 students and 270 pupils.

It is in the farming sector that Sr. Cosmas’ ingenuity and talents shine loudest. Over the years, Sr. Mary Cosmas has consistently fed the children and staff of Immaculate Heart Juniorate schools with the key products harvested from her farm. She makes a yearly harvest of 280 - 320 bags of maize of 90kg each. Other products from her farm include a variety of vegetables and tubers: carrots, cucumbers, onions, cabbages etc. Seasonal vegetables are harvested all year round from the many hectares of cultivated farmlands. Animal husbandry is another important sector of the farm. The sector yields a variety of dairy products. It nourishes the pupils, students and staff of Immaculate Heart Juniorate, Eldoret, with enough milk on daily basis. As the occasion demands, a fattened cow is pulled out from the head of cattle and slaughtered to the nourishment of the school community. She has, over the years, extended her giftedness to planting of flowers and trees, which give natural environment to the school and makes the school look beautiful all year round.

The annual harvest from the Juniorate farm goes a long way to reduce the cost of running the schools. It helps to make the cost of education in such a full-boarding school affordable to hundreds of Kenyan people from rural and poor backgrounds. It also enables the school management to run some scholarship scheme for indigent children, thus witnessing in a special way to the compassion of Jesus which is in line with the charism of the Congregation.

Cheers to you, Sr. Mary Cosmas Ngwu, for making yourself as useful as possible and using your talent in the spirit of a true daughter of Archbishop Charles Heerey.

Bravo to I.H.M. Queen of Peace Region for taking the lead in large scale farming in the Congregation!


Sr. Mary Colette Obika.



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