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The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ organized a 2-day Marialis programme at the Madonna Renewal Centre, Nkpor. The programme featured Lectures, Rosary candlelight procession and carnival among other things.

Fr. Joseph Mary Nwosa, in a lecture titled: Mary our Mother, talked about Faith which enables us to believe in the invisible God; that He is everywhere and in everything. According to him, Christians walk by faith not by sight and it is impossible to please God without faith. However, nobody has the full knowledge of God except Jesus. He went on to say that these days people ask for signs and miracles, but Jesus lamented about a generation of those who ask for signs in the scriptures. He affirmed: Blessed are those who have not seen but believe. We can hear God in his revealed word, private revelations and in His creatures. The inner attitude of faith is formed in the soul. The faith that saves us is that which has filtered inside us not that of others. The faith of the church is important but it must be personalized to be purposeful to us.

Fr. Joe Nwosa enjoined Christians to learn to pray the prayer of the heart. When this attitude is acquired, the word of God begins to rule in the heart. Mary shines forth as our model of faith. He noted that we are pilgrims on earth. A pilgrim’s way is fraught with difficulties. These difficulties are brought to our awareness every time by the media and we impose some difficulties on ourselves.

Mary confronted difficulties in her life. Swords really pierced her heart severally, culminating in the Passion of her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary lived with pure faith, even without consolation. She never understood her child, but followed Jesus in faith till the end, at the foot of the cross. She surrendered to God in a mystery beyond her understanding. She submitted in faith in her fiat. All her faith was animated by love.  She went through difficulties and pain such as having to deal with unwed pregnancy, childbirth in a stable, flight into Egypt, meeting Jesus on the way to Calvary, standing at the foot of the cross.


Her faith calls us to conversion. We learn that we can say yes to God in all things, pondering in our hearts that which we cannot understand, and then learn to appreciate the cross in our life.

In her turn, Mrs Vivian Alaribe spoke about Our Lady’s Miracle and Apparitions based on her own life experiences, her journey through life with Mary. She encouraged all to hold fast to Mary, praying the Rosary and living good Christian life. In addition, she enjoined all to take pride in acknowledging Mary as the Mother of God and our Mother.

The programme was attended by students, lay faithful and Rev. Sisters and Priests.


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