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The Immaculate Heart Convent Ogbunka was officially opened on Sunday, 12 January 2014.  The start of the mission in this blessed town started in 1996 when Sr. Mary Cecile Umenwunne was transferred to Ogbunka Girls’ Secondary School.

Many who saw the start of the Convent were present for the Holy Mass used to lunch the day.  The former Parish Priest of St Patrick’s Catholic Church where the Sisters belong, Fr John Umeorjiakor, presided over the Holy Mass.   Being the Sunday of the Baptism of Jesus, he said, “The Baptism of Christ is for progress”.  Therefore, the Sisters have come to renew the face of earth in Ogbunka, he said.

Sr Mary Agnita, Vicar General of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ with other Councilors were present.   Also, the former Superior General, Mother Mary Joseph Ann Anochie and some of her Councilors were there.  It was during their tenure that the Sisters were invited to Ogbunka.  Other Sisters from different communities in the Archbishop Charles Heerey Region attended thecelebration.  Also present in large numbers were the people of Ogbunka. 

Before the final blessing for the Mass, the Regional Superior, Sr Mary Anthoninius Ezeobiagwu, expressed her joy with a song and invited few people to speak.  

Fr Boniface Ubaka, the parish priest, thanked the sisters and reminded them that the town is still a mission land.  “This is a starting anew,” he added.  He also solicited the assistance of the people in support of the mission.

In her speech, Sr Umenwunne recalled a warm welcome the parishioners gave her the first day she arrived in Ogbunka.  She said, “Today is a day of thanksgiving.”  She thanked the Priest who welcomed the Sisters and the people of Ogbunka.  She gave a special thanks to the family of Chief Gilbert Ezeabikwa who housed the Sisters for years.  She highlighted how both Catholic and Anglican Christians of the town supported the Sisters with fetching of water and other things.   She also expressed a hope of vocation growth in the town.

The Local Superior, Sr Mary Placid Ukwuoma also expressed her gratitude to all present and particularly, the people of Ogbunka.

After the Mass, the house was blessed and everyone was entertained.   The students of Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary School where the Sisters teach danced a cultural dance leaving everyone happy.  All went away grateful to God that Ogbunka people accepted the work of evangelization in their town.


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