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Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ Celebrate Diamond Jubilee Mission Exhibition



The climax of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the foundation of the   Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ   was flagged off today with the Mission Exhibition organized by the Sisters at   the Madonna Renewal Centre, Nkpor.

The celebration began with a Holy Mass presided over by Very Rev.   Msgr. Hypolite Adigwe at 10.00am. In his homily, Msgr. Adigwe traced the   origin of the celebration of Jubilees to the injunctions of the Lord to the   Israelites in the book of Leviticus. According to him, the Jubilee year was   designed by God to be a year of liberation, freedom, love and unity. He urged   all who joined in the celebration of this Diamond Jubilee to cherish these   virtues, forgive all past offences and injuries, and begin a new life of   love, peace and unity.

Msgr. Adigwe thanked God for the singular gift of the Congregation of   the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ. He looked back   to the period when Archbishop Charles Heerey thought of giving the Igbo women   their appropriate place in the society and the Church. According to Msgr.   Adigwe, the Archbishop was moved by the plight of the Igbo women. When the   missionaries arrived Igboland in 1885, women had no opportunity to play their   appropriate role in the society where men reigned supreme, although they were   a formidable force to reckon with in their own group. Archbishop Heerey knew   that if women were left behind in the course of civilization,   they would not be able to influence and contribute to   the society and the Church as they should. This led him to found the   Congregation, which today has formed and   uplifted many women within and outside Nigeria. Her presence and apostolate   have proved to be a great blessing to the Church in Nigeria and in all the   countries where the Immaculate Heart Sisters   are working. Their presence has helped in deepening the faith of many. He   reminded the Sisters that many people are looking up to them for greater   solidity of faith and the Sisters must not fail them.

After the Mass, the Jubilee celebration climax week was officially   declared open by the Superior General, Mother Mary Claude Oguh, IHM. There   was a reflection on Mission given by Very Rev. Msgr. Hypolite Adigwe. He   emphasised on holiness of life as a pre-requisite for mission. According to   him, one cannot give what one has not. This holiness of life must be evident   in their lives as religious. It is only then that they can draw people to   Christ; and that is the essence of mission.

The Mission Exhibition was declared open by Mother Mary Claude who led   the audience to inspect the booths. The exhibition featured books written by   the Sisters, various hand crafts, works of art,  confectioneries, farm   produce, toiletries, detergents, and other things produced by the Sisters   themselves.

The guests were entertained with the “Eucharistic dance” by the   Postulants of the Congregation and another   cultural dance by the Aspirants of Charles Heerey Memorial Juniorate,   Urualla. The occasion also marked the launching of one of the Jubilee   packages – a book titled: Archbishop   Charles Heerey’s Mustard Seed at 75.



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